Center for rehabilitation "Zagreb"

Center for rehabilitation "Zagreb"

Center for rehablititation "Zagreb" was founded in 1947 by Ministry of Labor and Social Care.

The Center consists of five branch-offices:

Orlovac (headquarters)
Orlovac 2, tel.: 01/4673-663
Paunovac 7, tel.: 01/4834-381
Ilica 83, tel.: 01/3772-530
Nikole Andrića 3, tel.: 01/6640-166
Sloboština II
Nikole Andrića 3a, tel.: 01/6608-744
Regional workshops
Ilica 116, Zagreb, tel. 4833-144

Activities of the Center include rehabilitation of children, young and adult persons with moderate, severe and profound mental retardation. They are carried out through different programs and activities.

  • healt care and prevention (health services)
  • preschool care and education
  • primary school education
  • program sin family counseling for parents
  • occupationaland psychosocial rehabilitation
  • social work program
  • cultural and public activities
  • prevention od institutionalization
  • different therapies (sneezy room, musical therapy, therapeutic riding)

The aim of our work is to work systematically with the persons with moderate, severe and profound mental retardation, and also influense the family and wider social environment in order to integrate persons with mental retardation.

The program is carried out by 234 employees in:

  • Educational services
  • Social services
  • Health services
  • Tehnical and maintenance services and
  • Administrative services
Vesna Muraja, prof.
  • CR Zagreb
  • Headquarters:
  • Orlovac 2
  • HR-10020 ZAGREB
  • Tel.: 01/4673-256
  • Tel.: 01/4673-663
  • Tel./Fax: 01/4673-255

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